Welcome to Peace & Loaf

Opened in late 2013, Peace and Loaf has already become a roaring success in the region and beyond. Part owned by head chef Dave Coulson, every care and attention goes into the meticulously crafted menu, filled with new takes on classic dishes which regularly change. Dave’s extensive training and tutelage under Michelin two-star rated Michel Roux Jr. has allowed him to pick up intricate skills and his own unique style. This has helped Peace and Loaf to create exciting menus with a difference, featuring traditional British cuisine twinned with Dave’s own special signature touches.


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A Masterchef

Since competing in 2010’s Masterchef: The Professionals; Dave Coulson has dreamt of opening his own restaurant in his hometown and it is with great anticipation that a meticulously crafted menu has been put together. Diners are invited to keep their mind and hearts as open as the doors to the restaurant, to try the new take on classic cuisine.

Intricate Skill

Following extensive training in some of the region’s finest eateries and an impressive career working for Michelin two-star winning Michel Roux Jr. Dave has worked alongside some of the greatest and most influential chefs of our time, picking up intricate skills and his own unique style.

Tasty Food

Highlighting the importance of using only the freshest, locally sourced produce, Peace & Loaf will offer an exciting, seasonal menu incorporating Dave’s signature dishes. Heavily inspired by traditional British cuisine with new ideas, the meticulously crafted dishes will excite and intrigue even the most discerning of palates.